Anatomic shape recumbent seat - solution for back pain!

First of all, going to read this article you should fully realize there is no fundamental medical research about any kind of positive impact of human powered vehicles on human's body that was officially accepted by the science community. Of course, you can google yourself or ask the person which point of view related to this topic would be meaningful for you. If you find any trusted source of information on this topic feel free to share it with us - and we will be happy! All mentioned as useful structural features of recumbent bike/trike frames and/or anatomic shape recumbent seat as well as all further details given bellow are only the result of an individual production experience and riding HPVs of all types.

anatomic shape recumbent seat for riders with back surgery, lumbar and coccyx issues

Bicycling as an activity always stays popular looking from different angles

Family and professional sports, type of fair competition, way to keep fit and stay healthy, financial independence from petroleum industry, decreasing of global ecological disaster - it's all about bicycle. However, there is a factor of health issues that make riding bike just impossible. Unfortunately spinal or coccyx issue, back pain, scoliosis, osteochondrosis, back surgery, spinal hernia or a disability have crossed the road of cycling to many people. Any kind of back pain or neck pain is the thing that only tortures rider and takes the whole spectrum of unfogetable feelings as well as times of riding bike right away. In this circumstances it is hard to enjoy the ride.

Recumbent bike as a complete solution.

Nevertheless, the human's mind is flexible and human's will is strong. Namely these things teach us never give up and look for new ways to reach desired dreams or find an acceptable alternatives and right solutions. One of such an alternatives became recumbent cycles: recumbent bikes and trikes or the human powered vehicles with their innovative body-friendly structure are very popular giving people whome standard bike stays forbidden because of any reason another chance to ride.

Recumbent seat as a fundamental element of each recumbent cycle and velomobile reduces negative impacts on back and waist during the ride because of mounting angle. The mounting angle of seat for recumbents determines back angle, position of body as same as position of spine which is completely different from traditional pose druring riding standard bike. Recumbent seat's adjustment angle is unconventional and looks like something between racing position and chair. 

recumbent trike seat angle advantages

Anatomic shape recumbent seats - full spectrum of comfort.

Recumbent position is extremely comfortable for long distances as same as for everyday ride. Anatomic shape recumbent seats help to demonstrate the essence of recumbent cycling making the ride easier for spine. The seat of anatomic shape allows to loosen back muscles and easily ride in position of rest. Such a seat provided with soft comfort mat and headrest (or neckrest) is a useful element for every recumbent rider giving comfort and keeping spine under the right angle in each dorsal region. The pictrure bellow is probably the best way to illustrate comfort of recumbent cycle.

The word of Alex aka Velodreamer:

"One of the basic reasons of turning to recumbent cycles as same as for research of this topic about 10 years ago had become my own back issue. Medical contraindications made me unable to ride standard bicycles on traditional bike saddles. Of course, I continued to ride my bike regardless of that fact. Nevertheless, after passing the distance of 35km (~ 22 miles) my back usually hearted terribly.
Riding long distances, it is just impossible for a human to compensate all hummocks and other unevennesses on the road only by means of legs. Even more, a constant longitudinal impact on spine from standard bike saddle makes ride harmful for health. Same time recumbent bicycle can be complete solution of this problem keeping spine in right position and back - relaxed.

There was a time I was working at a factory producing paving slab. Work there was rather hard, though the end of working day I was meeting with back pain. But I was lucky because already had recumbent bike at that time. There were about 40 minutes riding bike from the factory to my home. During such a ride my back got full rest and I was in a good fit reaching my house every day.

Our recumbent seat models (ANATOMIC SHAPE SEAT & SUNRIDER BIKE SEAT 3D-CLONE) were developed basing on important needs including personal ones. We also started to produce comfort seat mats for the people with medical contraindications to make recumbent bike the vehicle for travelling passing hundreds of miles as well as for everyday rides. As a result, health becomes better and stronger". COMFORT SEATMAT is also very important element.

recumbent seat pad mat

Air Mesh -  a volumetric material represented by a third-dimensional plaiting with cells of different sizes in both over- and inlay + layer of thin angling line shaped in springs. Such a construction provides wear resistance, air circulation and cushion effect. 3D Air Mesh is an ideal material for   reduction of physical exertion and better aeration.

Anatomic shape recumbent seat in assembly with soft comfort seatmat and adjustable neckrest (HEADREST) is the last step of providing comfort for recumbent bike/trike riders. This is a reason because of what HPV was invented for, isn't it? Even more, today recumbent bicycles can be used in rehabilitation purposes. It's early to be sure it is safe, BUT many our clients come to us because of that. All the information about spinal issues or anything like that we get in a process of dialog with buyer. Though, recumbent and rehab is a topic to think about seriously.