Have you ever tried to imagine a world where people never live in a hurry and have good enough time to enjoy wonderful feeling of cycle ride? The world where nobody has to squeez a time out of busy schedule and wait for a right weather conditions to ride a bike? The world where you can ride down the road free of dangerous cars every single day, just ride and watch only velonauts with their streamlined  velomobiles on your way...

We decided to make this velodream come true. So we increase the amount of velomobiles on the road making these beautiful vehicles affordable. Even more, our mission is aimed to produce family velomobiles that will help people to become independent from environmental energy scarces and petroleum industry.

Practical steps:

1. Manufactoring of seats for recumbents and velomobiles aimed to help everyone who builds own DIY recumbent bike, trike or anything more grandiose. To give everybody a great  opportunity to get all essential parts and create own human powered vehicle. 
2. Design and manufacturing of recumbent bicycles and 3-wheelers as intermediate stage. Design of recumbents for travelling, active recreation as well as for rehabilitation.
3. Design and manufactoring of the following velomobiles:
a) single seater all weather vehicles for everyday rides;
b) family multiseater velomobiles with luggage spaces.
4. Design of human powered vehicles for racing, sporting contests, records of speed...
5. Parallel design of urban storage containers for velomobiles.
6. Foundation of  the "Velodreamer Village" - a symbiosis of village and test area for development of velomobiles based on everyday use and by means of collaborative work and production  in perspective.
7. Design of human powered vehicles for people with reduced capabilities (in view of real need in such types of recumbents as handbikes or recumbents with full foot control). Human powered vehicles of this type allow to move around living room free and support active lifestyle.
    We are totally positive that society of the future is deliberative, healthy and responsible - the society of completely different lifestyle. We believe, our human powered vehicles make the world better!

    Velodreamer-HPV - is a first Ukrainian specialized recumbent cycles workshop based right in the heart of picturesque kossak region Cold Ravine. Except of nature's beauty and historical heritage, this place is known because of its landscapes which allow to ride cross-country and downhill. So we test all our products in best possible environment.

    We'll make your recumbent dream come true!

    But please note: due to customs regulations you could be charged the customs fee.

    All enquires we accept by post: 
    7 Partyzanska Street,
    Khutir Buda, Village of Melnyky
    Chyhyryn District, Cherkasy Region
    20933 Ukraine

    Tel.: +380667088003

    ...or through the contact form bellow: