Family Side by Side Recumbent Quad Prototype


Type Side-by-Side Recumbent Quad
Year 2015
Overall length 2140mm
Overall width 1080mm
Frame material Steel
Front Wheel 20”
Rare Wheel 26”
Frame weight 43kg
Overall weight 63kg
Suspension FULL
Carrying capacity up to 200kg (440lbs)

side-by-side recumbent quad family velomobile

The family side-by-side recumbent four-wheeler velomobile (represented in 4 prototypes: Volksmobil 1 & 2, Harmony Recumbent Quad and Recumbent Quad 2). The tasks of this human powered vehicle are everyday family trips, goods transport and even travelling. The version on photo is fully suspended, has an anatomic shape seats for 2 adults and 3 for children up to 9 years old. The maximum carrying capacity is up to 200 kg (440Lbs). Also it is possible to mount an electric engine.