Recumbent bike seat pad: removable comfort mat

Comfort soft recumbent seat pad mat

The best alternative for VENTISIT!!!
recumbent seat pad mat by Velodreamer - best alternative for Ventisit



  • Ergonomic design
  • High comfort - safe laying prevents foam punching (for riders with spine or coccyx issues)
  • Removable soft HEADREST cushion
  • Seat cover attaches to plastic seat surface with velcro that is pretty easy and secure
  • Headrest soft cushion also attaches to a seat with velcro


    First of all, a soft seat pad absorbs shock and vibration giving higher comfort, especially during lond distance rides. The current models of recumbent seat foam mat passed many tests with rib-stiffened anatomic shape recumbent seat as well as with legendary Sunrider Bike seat. Both products showed the best results after 3600km (2236.9 miles) long trip.

    Removability is another important advantage of this seat pad, especially by rainy weather. You can easily take the seat mat away when it is hard to hide your recumbent bike from rain. Safe laying is water resistant, hence it is possible to attach seat pad right to a wet seat. Above all, our soft seat pad is good for service as well as for washing and drying. It has rather impressive wear-resistance.

    The basis of the current seatmat is a foam rubber of high quality that is hammered into a cover made of high-tech 3D Air Mesh texture 3 mm thick. Air Mesh doesn't absorb moisture, resistant to wear, very durable and has good air permeability. In the lower part of the seat mat there is a layer of dense foam material to improve the comfort of riding long distances.

    3D Air Mesh – is a volumetric cover that exhibits all properties required for close contact with body. As a result, our partly ventilated seat pad doesn’t get wet (skips air and water). Even more, if your skin is wet – this seat pad stays without any spots and stains.
    We have designed seat covers of two sizes in accordance to each recumbent bike seat size.

    3D Air Mesh soft seat mat

    When you order our ANATOMIC SHAPE RECUMBENT BIKE SEAT + SEAT PAD, we will fix velcro pieces on seat surface as a free bonus. Use a double sided scotch tape for pre setting and two-pack glue for final one. Single-component glue is too weak for this purpose!

    SUNRIDER RECUMBENT BIKE SEAT CLONES is an alternative model of seats we produce. As usual it does not include soft seat mat. But we have designed a soft seat pads for Sunrider seat. The difference between 2 models of recumbent seat pad mats by Velodreamer is on the photo:

    Soft comfort seat mat for recumbents by Velodreamer