Recumbent trike seat: Sunrider bike seat 3D clone by Velodreamer

Clone of Sunrider Bike recumbent seat + seat mat + headrest

Sunrider bike seat clone for recumbent bike / trike


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Sunrider bike seats fits riders of approx. overall height 170-185 cm (5' 6.9291" - 6' 0.8346")
Weight: 1.2 kg / 2.64 Lb / Width: 32 cm / 12,6"
Sunrider bike seats fits riders of approx. overall height 170-185 cm (5' 6.9291" - 6' 0.8346")
Anatomic shape. Compact form for tighter vehicle arrangment
Support roller could be placed pretty close to such seat

First we recommend to check individual preferences in accordance with a picture given bellow!

To be sure the seat fits, A = 60~70cm / 23 - 27''


    Very compact. This allows to make tighter vehicle arrangment.
    Support roller could be placed pretty close to seats of this model.
    Rib-stiffened recumbent bike seat requires taking into account stiffening ribs height.
    However, stiffness of Sunrider seat is lower so better to attach them in three points.
    Easier technology without multiple bundling of fiberglass pieces.

    Production of Sunrider bike seat clones based on 3D model:

    Generally speaking, we noticed a Sunrider seat on recumbents Flevobike. Unfortunately at that time there was no chance for us to test them. But shortly we found 3D plans of Sunrider velomobile on one of pulic forums. As a result, we got original model of Sunrider recumbent bike seat from complete 3D plan set of Sunrider parts. Also, we had some experience in realisation of another amount of recumbent bike parts based on 3D models using sets of plane section drawings. In the light of this skill we decided not to change our methods and to choose dry wall as material.

    We just glued drawings on fragments of drywall. Then we had to carve out all stuructural elements according to required shapes. Later we had strung all pieces over several guides, then spackled and grinded putting future seat into a right shape. Equally important was to check the seat shape accuracy, so we had to sit in the form from time to time. In the process of creation of master form we have changed original shape of Sunrider seat. We decided to make seat bottom part a bit longer in order to put wider layer of foam. In addition, we changed seat bottom part bend angle for easier technology. First tests of our new Sunrider recumbent seats we performed on our family-velomobile "Harmony" and we like what we got till today.

    DIY Sunrider recumbent bike seat clones by Velodreamer

    DIY recumbent trike seat mold form

    Sunrider seat by Velodreamer

    recumbent seat diy by Velodreamer


    In case your bike / trike goes with a plastic seat (not a metal frame with a mesh in between), that means our seat can fit. Same time, there should be original fastening from original seat of bike / trike (which, for example, could be taken from old or broken seat ). 

    The fastening can be attached to a seat, but first should be drilled holes in a seat in right places. 

    If the original seat of bike / trike is represented by a mesh on metal frame (such a kind of seat can also be the part of trike's frame), a special bracket (adapter) for our seat is required. These adapters are not really presented on the market today, that means it might be created by yourself. And this is the real state of things. All the things you do on your own risk. 

    Our dept as a supplier is to tell the truth. 
    We cannot guarantee 100% compatibility. 

    Same time, the current model of seat has been already tested with many bikes as same as with trikes. And that's why we call it universal seat for recumbents. So first of all we recommend to provide us with photos, after which we can give any detailed answer.

    Please note: due to customs regulations you could be charged the customs fee.

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