Recumbent trike T-10 by Velodreamer IN PREORDER!

T-10 is a first serial model of recumbent trike by Velodreamer

We produce vehicles based on the knowledge of technology as well as on our own experience. Last couple years we have been developing project of recumbent trike T-10. Before that we developed 2 full-fledged trikes: No.1 & Universal and a velomobile people call "SCOTHMOBILE".

Weight: 26.5kg (57.32 lbs)
Width: 81cm (31.88")
Track: 72cm (28.34")
Length: 215cm (84.64")
Height: 81cm (31.88")
Clearance: 11cm (4.33")
Seat ground clearance: 23cm (9.05")
Base: 120cm (47,24")
Suspensions travel: 5-6cm (1.96 - 2.36")

After we had produced and tested the Scotchmobile which is a trike itself - it was a sign for us, that we are finally ready for the mass production. Name "T-10" is a reference to the 10th model of 3D plan.  There was a big amount of plan variations to implement and some of them we'd already actualized in our prototypes. Construction of T-10 contains several revolutionary ideas as well as solutions taken from prototypes but mostly from Scotchmobile. On September 2017 Scotchmobile prevailed 4700km (2920miles)!

recumbent e-trike t-10 by Velodreamer

The second version of T-10 was upgraded to an E-trike!

The first solution we've implemented - a front suspension of velomobile type which had given a good account of itself. Quite apart from the fact that Scotchmobile passed rather long distance which followed to perceptible wear of structural components – vehicle has not gone down. Over the whole testing period there were no issues with fork joints, suspension arms or steering.

The second new element was a compact rear console.

Long rear console allows to use only one squeeze roller. As a result, chain passes directly over drop arm pipe and rattles on the run. A cushion on pipe solves this issue, but partly. Long drop arm console also creates a big load on a joint bearing. Furthermore, it is a big moving part which eliminates the possibility to install such a part as a pannier. This factor presumes  inconveniences. After all, long drop arm pipe has heavy weight.

The console of trike T-10 is much more shorter and almost twice lighter than rear fork of our recumbent bike frameset COLOMBO. However, we had to install 2 squeeze rollers. All in all, there is a way to use only one squeeze roller by placing trike chain under the drop arm. Still, this idea yet requires tests and a research.

The third novation is usage of slim pipes 42mm (1.65") in diameter. Earlier we used a pipe with the diameter of 52mm (2.04").

In addition, T-10 trike side bags have 2 mounting points instead of 3. But we have fastened them together making a space for baggage hereby. So now you can place heavy luggage directly under the trike, not on sides.

T-10 configuration supports 2 types of steering: Hamster and Avatar.

Trike T-10 has a SUNRIDER BIKE SEAT with a SEAT PAD.

All 3 wheels of the trike T-10 have a single sided axle support. Seems like the idea of a wheel on a cantilever axle  17mm (0.66") at the beginning and 10mm (0.39") at the end is pretty cheap and apposite. In conclusion, one more new solution - an asymmetric hanger rear shock absorber that works perfectly according to numerous testings.

Frame head pipes form a rhomboid space in the middle. This factor decides many questions related to trike arrangement as well as makes possible instsallation of electric engine therein.

Watch the trike T-10 by Velodreamer in action: