Kids' Trike & Kids' Duo (Only the Prototypes!)

Recumbent trike prototypes for kidz

Some brands have already presented to the market their recumbents for children... 
However, a kids' recumbent trike as a human powered vehicle still has no full and proper description.

A human powered technologies as same as a recumbent riding position are relatively innovative in the sphere of vehicles and without any doubt will have a great future as well as a special meaning for the humanity. Same time the HPV is very young as for technology, that's why now its main task is an achievement of maximum efficiency. So only well-tested, safe and effective models should appear on the kids market. But the real situation with kids' tikes is different. The experience we have got designing own kids' recument tricycles opened us a few important details that should be mentioned.

During the last five-six years we saw several kinds of "something" described as a recumbent tricycle for kids. Some of them had a very primitive construction. These trikes allow to occupy reclining position but without any chance neither to move comfortably nor to control the vehicle. It is hard to notice happy children's faces of those kids who ride such a trikes. Low speed, no suspension and zero off-road performance don't make any fun and break the childish expectations. As a result, each such trike stays unattractive as a product as well as a vehicle. A recumbent trike like that we would never recommend anybody because in this case the HPV technology is the solution for nothing. Instead of comfort and efficiency these vehicles bring just new troubles caused by a structural imperfection. 

Equaly important stays the fact that the child's organism grows. So who would purchase a vehicle that has an undefined impact on a growing organism? Remember, today the HPV is still an unexplored field for the scientific thought. Of course not everything here is that bad, but always stays a choice: a health or a vehicle... 

Is modern kids' trike a vehicle at all?

Most of trikes for children are slow and support only plain surfaces that is a huge disadvantage. For example the ice skating is fun, but nobody calls skate "a vehicle". But namely the recumbent trike should give a freedom of movement but not reduce it! So we were driven by this idea producing "Mini" - our first kids' recumbent.

MINI Kids' Recumbent Trike Prototype

Recumbent trike for children (Prototype)


Year 2014
Type Recumbent Tricycle for Children (4-6 y/o)
Overall weight 9.4kg
Overall length 1100mm
Wheel track 395mm
Min height 30mm
Overall height 540mm
Wheels 12"
Tick brackes
6 speeds

The MINI Kids' Recumbent Trike was 80% based on 3D plan of an adult trike on a scale 60%, has a minimized copy of an anatomic shape recumbent seat.

3 irresistible Advantages:

High stability
Good manoeuvrability
Speed 15km/h (9.3 mph)

Now the freedom of movement shows the other side. Proof, fast and comfortable this three-wheeler will be a cool toy for a child. Same time, parent control will be impossible with a trike like that.  It is pretty much hard to catch a kid riding at about 10mph speed. The child's health and safety are important. Even if a standard kids bike doesn't mean higher comfort or better riding performance it still allows to give out the freedom in a portions measured by age. This is the reason why the class of vehicles for children today is definitely not a place where HPV-technologies are freely represented. Lack of research and fair bureaucracy made the market of kids hpv uncompetitive. Models for sale mostly perform function of a toy but not of a vehicle.

Anyway the importance of human powered vehicles grows with technological development.
So we introduce the first in the whole world kids' side-by-side recumbent trike prototype:

Kids' DUO Recumbent Trike Prototype

kids side by side recumbent trike prototype by Velodreamer


Year 2015
Type Side-by-Side Recumbent Trike for Children (6-10 y/o)
Overall weight 16.5kg
Wheel track 740mm
Overall height 540mm
Front wheels 16" (v-brakes)
Rear wheel 20" (disc brake)


Impressive stability: really hard to collapce this trike
Good cross-country ablity
Fast clearance
Tight-turning radius
Autonomic transmission!