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recumbent bike frame kit for sale

Ladies and Gentlemen!

After decade of development, testings and thousands miles around Europe the First Multipurpose Recumbent Bike Frameset Colombo (v 3.1) is being introduced to global market for the first time!!!
In the light of this event WE OFFER DISCOUNTED PRICE 1000$ to our FIRST 10 BUYERS! 
So hurry up and buy recumbent bike frameset Colombo by Velodreamer on our eBay store NOW!!!

We designed Colombo recumbent frameset to build the maximum number of bike configurations. First of all, we wanted to make it real by means of the same and only recumbent frame. The key feature of this recumbent bike frame kit is versatility. Colombo recumbent frame gives an opportunity to get vehicles of different arrangements and various classes just using several wheel sets together with different front forks.

  1. Reinforced steel frame - 3 kg / 6.6 Lb
  2. Rear fork - 2 kg / 4.4 Lb
  3. Squeeze roller - 0.25 kg / 0.55 Lb
  4. “Hamster” steering - 0.85 kg / 1.87 Lb 
  5. Сantilevered rear pannier - 1.14 kg / 2.2 Lb
  6. Recumbent bike seat with soft seat mat and headrest - 2.72 kg / 4.4 Lb
  7. Side luggage areas - 1.4 kg / 2.2 Lb
  8. Rear fender - 0.3 kg / 0.66 Lb
    We do not supply chain tube.
Buy recumbent bike frameset Colombo, take the parts from your old standard bike off and build your own recumbent bike. Colombo recumbent bike frame kit is probably the best choice when building your first recumbent bike. Here you are free to assemble any recumbent you want from one only frame and huge variety of parts to determine what style(s) you'd like to ride most of all.

Recumbent frameset and parts required to build a bike

Recumbent frame kit Colombo is a perfect solution for your teenage child to discover the beautiful world of recumbents. Both seat-to-pedal and seat-to-ground distances are adjustable. Hence, you don’t need to buy your growing up kid a new bike once in a couple years.

Colombo gives you everything at once as well as a chance to avoid rather big overcharge!!!

Recumbent frameset Colombo is a basis for human powered vehicles of 4 types.
  • Offroad recumbent bike (cross-country recumbent bike)
  • Comfort recumbent city bike
  • Travel recumbent bike (road bike)
  • Racing recumbent bike
Of course, there is an important thing to consider that “recumbent bike” means “recumbent bike”...and unfortunately there is no chance to ride downhill, dirt or trial using some of recumbent cycles based on Colombo frameset. Anyway, our reinforced steel recumbent bike frame with reduced rear dropouts (for better rigidity) is an ultimate component of Colombo recumbent bike frame kit.

Colombo recumbent bike frame supports adjustment of 2 rear shock absorbers. Namely this feature is unique and very important for riders with heavy weight. As a result, Colombo became popular among extreme lovers and travelers. The rear part of Colombo frameset is dismountable. This is another very useful factor of easy shipping and transportation. Buy recumbent bike frameset Colombo to ride all around the world.

We created and tested recumbent bike frameset Colombo under conditions of Ukrainian roads / offroad. In case with Ukraine: «road» means «offroad» and almost every time. Certainly, we decided to use this as an advantage to design the real mountain recumbent bike frame kit. We strongly recommend to build fully suspended recumbents. Full suspension increases comfort, especially passing long distances.

However, a rigid front fork in combination with a wheel of lower diameter is a rather good example of city bike. Because city rider should be always ready for fast and frequent stops. So recumbent city bike Colombo with 20" front wheel keeps body in most possible vertical position.
Fully suspended bike 24"/26 is a brilliant variation of travel recumbent bike.

But we are sure there are definitely much more recumbent bike configurations and innovative arrangements.

All the changes in arrangement of recumbent bike could be provided through:

  • Replacement of wheels (20″ — 29″: max front wheel 28" / max rear wheel 29")
  • Replacement of front fork
  • Reducing of rear shock absorber’s lenght
  • Mounting of side luggage areas and waterproof rear pannier (supply upon request)
  • Adjustment of seat-to-pedal distance
  • Adjustment of seat (UP-DOWN)
  • Mounting of electric mid drive motor kit
Additional information:
  • Mounting seat of rear shock absorber - 24 mm / 0.94"
  • Rear shock absorber lenght range: 150mm - 175mm / 5.9" - 6.88"
  • Headtube height - 95 mm / 3.93
  • Headtube Diameter - 1 1/8 "


Our side luggage areas allow to place more luggage closer to frame center (under the seat). In addition, side bags brackets are relatively separated from seat brackets. Take everything you need for your ride...

extended side bags recumbent bike frame kit Colombo


The squeeze roller of Colombo has individual axle. It gives wider range of squeeze roller adjustment depending on tread width.

recumbent bike squeeze roller Colombo recumbent frameset


Colombo recumbent frameset supports wide range of color options. Just specify RAL of the color you like and get exactly what you want.

color recumbent frame as you want

Velodreamer-HPV is the first recumbent cycles workshop that provides COLOR OPTION for recumbent seat.

recumbent bike seats with color options

Stickers and other elements of design are available upon request. Just share your idea, provide fonts and pictures.  Even more, you are free to order personalized recumbent bike frameset.

personlized recumbent bike frame kit


Exactly! Why not? We produce our recumbent frame only from steel of premium quality. Colombo frame has additional reinforcement and was multiply tested in Ukraine and Europe in various configurations by riders of different weight, skills and experience.

So our first attempt of building recumbent e-Bike was successful. Together with talented constructor Sergey Lych (Lu4) we have assembled our first e-bike prototype VELOROCKET VR-500.

Today we prefer to install Bafang Mid Drive (8Fun) because of numerous advantages of this motor. Furthermore, we can install one of electric kits 250W-1000W upon request.
In conclusion, please take into account your local mid drive power customs restrictions.


Please note: due to customs regulations you could be charged the customs fee.
We charge flat rate of 200$ (included in price) and provide worldwide shipping.
The whole frameset usually comes in one 15-20 kg (33-44 Lb) box depending on order.
(Basic configuration + side luggage areas + waterproof rear pannier + mid drive motor)

ШАНОВНІ СПІВВІТЧИЗНИКИ: замовляйте якісні фреймсети і економте на доставці!
Рікамбент електробайк - це впевнений крок в економічне та екологічно чисте майбутнє!!!
Для цього зв'яжіться з нами за допомоги форми знизу сторінки ЗА ПОСИЛАННЯМ.

Buy recumbent bike frameset by Velodreamer to discover  completely new level of experience.

Most noteworthy is the fact that Colombo recumbent bikes were tested by different people. As a result, all the feedbacks we took into account. So all possible disadvantages were removed at early stages of the prototype. Even more, only Colombo gives you such great functionality for such a reasonable price.


We provide 1 YEAR garantee for FRAME & REAR FORK ONLY!
We DO NOT offer garantee for other parts of the current frame kit.
In garantee event BUYER covers shipping cost to both ways!

Recumbent bike frame kit Colombo