Recumbent Trike Prototype Universal 2 by Velodreamer

A trike with cantilevered axles and a future velomobile


Name Universal-2
Type Recumbent Trike
Years 2015-2016
Frame material Steel
Front Wheel 20”
Rear Wheel 26”
Overall width 660mm
Frame weight 24kg
Overall weight 28kg
Suspension FULL
Сarrying capacity 30kg

Universal recumbent trike prototype by Velodremer

UNIVERSAL 2 had the same geometry taken from the recumbent trike UNIVERSAL but excluded the disadvantages of the first model. The main difference was another type of steering based on universal joints (small cardans) like on European velomobiles. The trike prototype had a front suspension with A-levers that was more complicated, required a huge amount of research and many hours of 3D modelling. The front axles of  a new type as same as the rear axle became cantilevered. The current recumbent trike served as a basis for our first velomobile prototype Scotchmobile.